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Positionspapier Bitkom position on the European Commission’s Clean Energy for all Europeans package

Europe is a pioneer in the transition to a sustainable energy system. After years of technological progress, renewable energies are competitive in new power plant investments. Now, the digital interaction of production, consumption, network and storage must create a stable, sustainable and affordable energy system. Digitalization is the cornerstone of the energy transition. It helps to make energy consumption more flexible and to stabilize networks. The ICT industry has the necessary communication technology and expertise in IT security to successfully transform this infrastructure.

The Commission’s proposal points into the right direction. It emphasizes the need of a regulation enabling new technologies to shape markets fit for integrating renewable power. It points to the importance of activating flexibility in energy demand, small scale generation and decentral storage units. The Commission intends to create a reliable framework for Prosumers at local level and better connected European transmission grids. A successful energy transition requires both – a focus on local generation and consumption and the distribution of power generated offshore and an exchange of surplus generation across the continent. A digitalized energy system is the key to it all.

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